If you only knew that over 90% of digital marketers state that social media marketing expanded their access to business, then you would have joined the bandwagon. It’s also worth noting that 65% of advertisers who spend at least six hours per week on social services saw more leads. Using social media channels as a digital marketing tool to help you build your brand will fill your bag, no matter to whom you sell your products to. 

But there are people that are still old school. As such, some people will look smug and ask, what social media marketing can really do? Is it really needed? The simple answer is yes. You absolutely need it. Here are a few reasons why:  

1. Social-media channels generate targeted traffic. 

Whatever the company, audience, and field you’re working on, a significant proportion of your clients have social media accounts. A recent study showed that 67% of Americans are on Facebook. For those 18 to 25 years old, it was found out that 79% of them use Instagram and 44% use Twitter. Approximately 38% percent of Americans who are over 65 years old use social media to connect with other people. 

Accessing all these customers helps boost traffic, especially for new website content. Google could take a while if you’re writing a blog post or updating your homepage. This means not many people will know about your new content will be available before they look for your products or services. 

Social media posts are an opportunity to find new visitors to new content and visit your site. These posts will appear primarily in your followers’ feeds. Since you’re being followed by people who are interested to buy your products, the traffic you get is highly targeted. Social media posts will not only raise your traffic. It will also pull in the visitors that you want.   

2. Social media marketing’s traffic benefits can be drastic. 

There’s no doubt that you can get over 10,000 visitors to your site by simply posting on social media. That’s why many businesses use social media boosts their website’s SEO. SEO crawlers know which web pages are frequently earning the traffic. They also know which ones are merely floating and getting ignored.  

Although an important factor in your SEO rankings is your killer content plan, generating traffic to your SEO optimized pages would help you get there faster. It’s as easy as sharing evergreen content along with new ones. Re-sharing of every post every month is recommended. This is a not-so time-consuming task at all.   

3. Social media posts increase your reach. 

This is among the many advantages of social media marketing. Suppose someone wants to find your newest blog post. They can always turn to social media to search for them. Of course, when that link is live, you’ll just give them the link so they can post and share it. That’s just how a qualified Northwest Arkansas social media marketing agency can help you out in boosting your business.